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Published Mar 03, 22
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For this reason, CBD is believed to work on many aspects of human health and behavior – from the subcellular level to the whole-body level and beyond. CBD is therapeutic in that it manipulates body systems at the cellular level and returns afflicted organ systems, tissue systems, and even chemical systems in the central nervous system back to a state of health and homeostasis. This is why it has been capable of treating conditions such as depression and anxiety, as well as chronic physical ailments such as pain, inflammation, arthritis, and more. Aside from two rare forms of epilepsy, the FDA does not recognize the medical use of CBD for any medical condition.

Many have claimed that CBD oil helps them with the challenges of:Alzheimer’s diseaseAnorexiaAnxietyArthritisAsthmaChronic painDepressionEpilepsy (seizures)Inflammation from various conditionsInsomniaMultiple SclerosisNausea (emesis)ObesityPost-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)Be advised that there is no single right or wrong way to go about it. Many people end up using higher-strength products for pain than they do for things like anxiety, stress, or depression. The majority of today’s best CBD oil manufacturers offer tinctures in three different “potencies.” These are usually in 100, 300, or 600 mg options. A lot of people start on a low dose with a 300 mg option, and work their way up from there.

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The key is to effectively gauge exactly how much CBD oil it takes to start managing your pain. If you start off right away with a maximum dose of a 600 mg tincture, you will have no idea how much of the product it actually took to treat your condition. You’ll also not know how much you wasted, which is important because you don’t want to exceed dosage and end up developing a tolerance to the active cannabinoids. If your intention is to help treat chronic pain, start out with a lower dose and proceed from there. If you notice effective results, you can downsize the dose or likewise up the dose until positive results are achieved.

Be advised, though, that you should not exceed the recommended daily doses that are listed on the bottle. Also, consult with a physician if you plan on taking CBD with other medication. Some people either can’t use CBD oil for pain (i. e. they may not want to hold the oil under their tongue before swallowing) or they simply haven’t found it to be effective. Fortunately, there are other options like topical CBD creams. CBD topicals are one of the most popular choices for arthritis and other forms of localized pain and inflammation. Since the skin acts as a semi-permeable membrane, rubbing CBD-infused creams onto an affected area can be effective in terms of both pain and inflammation reduction.

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Lastly, vaping CBD oil with a vape pen has been another effective method of using cannabidiol as a pain relief therapy for some users..

According to its website, Elixinol came about because the founders had a passion for the “diverse opportunities that hemp has to offer.” Elixinol’s team is dedicated to research, science, and creating new, innovative products that are packed with beneficial terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids. The brand has a team of experts in-house that are skilled in extraction, processing, growing, and formulating cannabinoid products. Elixinol’s staff also includes experts, medical doctors, research scientists, and veterinarians working together to explore how cannabinoids work within the body and how those cannabinoids can help improve everyday life. Elixinol has a wide product selection including full-spectrum CBD oils, capsules, topicals, and product bundles and kits.

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Even though the brand does not use a third-party lab to test its products, the experts at Elixinol do rigorously test each product in-house for potency, potential contaminants, and others. Top-rated return policy Large product variety Organic hemp sourced from Colorado Seed-to-sale brand High-quality CBD oil oral applicators Slow order processing time, as it takes up to five business days to process an order No third-party lab testing (Elixinol only performs its testing in-house) Endoca offers high-quality CBD products that customers can trust. The goal of the brand is to be an industry leader in hemp extract innovation through its creation of natural CBD extracts.

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Endoca believes that both the environment and well-being are important. As such, the brand makes it a point to use sustainable practices in its cultivation methods because it truly wants to make the planet a better place. Endoca offers its customers CBD oils and tinctures, capsules and pills, edibles, and even CBD skincare. Endoca sources its hemp from land that is certified organic. Every one of its CBD oils is gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan. The equipment that its products are manufactured on is handmade and is fueled by waste from the restaurant industry. Endoca’s full-spectrum products are crafted to preserve cannabinoids and other compounds so that customers can get the most health benefits out of the oils.

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